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Transferring graduate credits

If you have already completed graduate-level teacher education courses, you may be able to transfer those credits to fulfill comparable requirements in the Master of Arts or Certificate programs under the conditions outlined below:

  • The maximum number of credits accepted for transfer will be 12 credits for a 36-credit hour program, 9 credits for a 30-credit hour program, and 6 credits for the 18-credit hour Teacher Leadership Certificate program.
  • Credits may not be accepted for transfer if:
    • The course was not completed at a regionally accredited college or university with a comparable program;
    • The course grade was less than B;
    • The course was completed more than 6 years prior to the date of admission;
    • The course was used to fulfill requirements for a previously earned degree at Fort Lewis College.
  • Grades of credits accepted for transfer will not be included in the calculation of the Fort Lewis College grade point average.

Departmental evaluation

The Department of Teacher Education evaluates prior coursework on a student initiated case-by-case basis.  The departmental reviewers may require a course syllabus in addition to a course description to make a recommendation. You will be notified of the Department’s recommendation by email to your Fort Lewis College email account.

Registrar’s office review

The Department’s recommendation will be reviewed following the standard policies and procedures of the Registrar’s Office. This review will be completed in 4-6 weeks after receipt of the official transcript(s) from the Department of Teacher Education. The Registrar’s Office will send official notification of the transfer of credit by email to your FLC email address and to the Department of Teacher Education.

Please direct any questions you have about the Registrar’s Office review process to:

Theresa Rodriguez
Registrar’s Office
Office:  Room 160, Miller Student Services Center
Phone:  970-382-6983