Master's in Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education | Fort Lewis College

Teach across culture and language

Make education accessible for all students regardless of their linguistic or cultural background. Learn how to meet the needs of bilingual students, and teach young people in culturally inclusive and responsive ways so that public education is equitable for everyone in your community.

Cohorts begin the fall semester of even years.


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Program overview

  • Understand significant theories, concepts, and research related to language acquisition and development for emergent bilinguals.
  • Examine best practices in designing curricula and providing instruction that supports literacy and language development in learning content.
  • Boost your knowledge of instructional strategies to select and design materials that support emergent bilinguals in developing English language proficiency.
  • Learn how to include culture, diversity, and equity in designing learning environments that support fair academic access and learning opportunities for emergent bilinguals.
  • Apply classroom and school data to support learning for linguistically marginalized students, including content learning and language development for emergent bilinguals.
  • Work closely with emergent bilinguals in school-based field experience settings, applying your language acquisition studies and instructional methods that enhance language and content learning. 
  • Collaborate with a faculty advisor on a personalized research project that explores educational issues impacting instructional practices and school structures and has clear implications for policy and practice.

See the CLD course sequence.

Eligibility & career possibilities

You must have a bachelor's degree to enroll. Our CLD options do not lead to teacher licensure. You can use these programs to:

  • Augment your teaching license with a CLD endorsement in Colorado or a TESOL endorsement in New Mexico
  • Be an effective educator in an organization serving people of diverse backgrounds
  • Teach internationally

Program options

  • Master of Arts in Education: Culturally & Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Education
    Earn a Master of Arts in Education with specialization in CLD education. 36 credits
  • Culturally & Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Certificate
    Add a CLD endorsement (TESOL in New Mexico) to your existing teaching license. 24 credits

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