Student Action


Research question identified

September 17, 2014

Draft of methods and data collection instruments due to faculty advisor

September 24, 2014

IRB “pre-screening” and workshop with all advisors, students and district representatives who oversee research proposal

September 24, 2014

*During ED 750 Action Research class period

Initial submission to IRB (with permission from research advisor)

October 10, 2014

Final IRB approval from Fort Lewis College

November 14, 2014

Research proposal due to advisor

November 17, 2014

IRB and district approval

December 12, 2014

Advisor approval for progression into ED 760, Action Research II  

December 17, 2014

Begin data collection

January 5, 2015

Draft Thesis Intro, Lit Review, Methods, and Data Collection sections due to advisors

February 16, 2015

Draft Data Analysis Section due to advisors

March 16, 2015

Draft Findings Section due to advisors

April 13, 2015

Draft Implications Section due to advisors

June 1, 2015

Present/attend Growing Together Conference

June 8-10 (tentative dates)

Last day of ED 780

June 18

Final Documents Due to Advisors

1)     Thesis

2)    Dissemination Tool & Analysis/Next Steps

July 3, 2015

man sitting in front of laptop