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Special Education

Matt Smith Disability Services


Obtaining Your Special Education Endorsement

If you already have a teaching license, you may want to add a special education endorsement to your teaching qualifications. Through our program, you will be able to monitor progress for students with disabilities, advocate for students with disabilities, plan transitions for a variety of settings, and process and identify strategies for Response to Intervention (RtI).

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Summer 2020 application available in November!

Grow your professional knowledge to:

  • Understand the skills and responsibilities of a special education teacher under the guidance of local mentors
  • Facilitate and implement instructional strategies based on student needs and IEP mandates
  • Recognize the laws and policies associated with special education as related to students with disabilities
  • Develop skills in behavior management and the emotional needs of students
  • Develop plans and monitor progress of students with significant needs
  • Administer and interpret assessments to determine student need

As part of our innovative online program, you will:

  • Collaboratively design and implement effective Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)
  • Learn specialized classroom management, instruction, and assessment techniques to increase achievement of diverse learners
  • Participate in referral processes for receiving services in special education and for conducting IEP meetings
  • Apply appropriate research-based literacy and mathematical interventions
  • Apply special education knowledge and skills to a variety of case studies involving student with disabilities