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Special Education

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Course Descriptions

ED 600:  Introduction to Graduate Research (3)
This course focuses on the major theories, frameworks and methods of educational research and will introduce participants to the characteristics of and various approaches to analyzing, evaluating, and designing qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods research and evaluation in the education field.

ED 605 Student Teaching I (3)
200 hours for initial licensure

ED 615 Student Teaching II (3)
600 hours for initial licensure

ED 671: Foundations of Special Education (4)
This course provides an overview of special education foundations and principles that allow student with disabilities to be active and engaged learners in the educational setting. Specifically, examining academic and social abilities, transition skills, career development, and cultural and familial influences and the unique needs of students with disabilities.

ED 672: Identification and Assessment of Students with Disabilities (4)
This course will focus on the wide variety of assessments used in special education along with how they are used in the identification process. Students can expect to learn the identification process and will practice administering and interpreting assessment results.   Students will develop instructional strategies for students with disabilities based on data gathered.  This course has a field-based experience.

ED 673: Family and Professional Relationships and IEP Development (4)
This course will focus on development of relationships among families and other professionals who work with students with disabilities.  The team approach to IEP development and the instructional needs of the students will be key to building and maintaining relationships in the educational setting.  Legally defensible IEP development will be a key concept for this course along with field-based experience.

ED 674: Literacy Methods for Student with Disabilities (4)
This course focuses on literacy methods for students with disabilities.  Specifically looking at reading and writing instruction, locating and analyzing research-based literacy interventions, development of reading plans, and the pedagogy needed for knowledge acquisition in content area classes.  Students will also have a field-based experience to practice skills being taught in the class.

ED 675: Mathematical Interventions for Students with Disabilities (4)
This course focuses on mathematical methods and interventions for students with disabilities.  Specifically examining research-based mathematical instructional strategies/intervention, development of strategies for knowledge acquisition, and collaborative methods for effective implementation of mathematics instruction for students with disabilities.  This course includes a field-based experience.

ED 676: Support Systems for Significant and Behavioral Needs (4)
This course will focus on students with significant educational needs and behavioral needs.  It will look at the wide array of needs of students with significant needs have such as assistive technology and medical needs.  Additionally, students with behavioral needs will be studied focusing on behavior management and educational supports for success. This class has a field-based component.

ED 677: Special Education Alternative Licensure 1 (Fall)
This class will cover topics related to special education. It addresses what special education is, federal disabilities, IEP development, identification process, collaboration strategies and more. You will study how to teach the core classes of reading, writing, and math to students with disabilities including strategies and interventions. A field-based practicum is required to implement and use information from course work.

ED 678: Special Education Alternative Licensure 2 (Spring)
This class will engage in activities/assignments around the ideals, strategies/interventions, and issues of special education. The class looks at behavior, culturally & linguistically diverse students, classroom design/lesson planning, creating active and engaged learners, obligations of special educators, and family/professional relationships. This class contains a field-based practicum where you are expected to implement and use information gained from class.

ED 680 Capstone Project (3)
This culminating course for students in the M.A. program will explore educational issues impacting instructional practices and school structures through a personal research project or thesis by reviewing statement of the project, or issue, review of the literature or assessment of existing programs in field-based settings in a project that demonstrates clear implications for policy and practice.

ED 781 Graduate Research (1)