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Special Education

Course Schedule for Special Education Alternative Certification

Special Education Alternative Certification Course Sequence (8 credits)

Fall (4 credits)

ED 677: This class will cover topics related to special education.  It will address what is special education, federal disabilities, IEP development, identification process, collaboration strategies and more.  Teaching the core classes of reading, writing, and math to students with disabilities including strategies and interventions will be studied.  A field-based practicum is required to implement and use information from course work.

Spring (4 credits)

ED 678: This class will engage in activities/assignments around the ideals, strategies/interventions, and issues of special education.  The class will look at behavior, culturally linguistically diverse students, classroom design/lesson planning, creating active and engaged learners, obligations of special educators, and family/professional relationships.  This class contains a field-based practicum where you are expected to implement and use information gained from class.

Course Meetings

All courses are offered in a hybrid format, combining on-campus sessions with on-line learning components. Click here for technology requirements.

Fall 2019 – TBD
Spring 2020 – TBD