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Master of Arts in Education: Teacher Licensure

Frequently Asked Questions

If I do not have a degree in a licensure area how can I apply for the program?

Colorado Department of Education provides guidance for the expected courses work and competencies for each certificate area under their alternative licensure program. FLC requires passing Praxis content scores for admission to the MAE: Teacher Licensure program.

Are Education prerequisites required for admission?

There are no Education prerequisites that are required for admission, however, we encourage you to complete ED 222: Global Perspectives in Education, ED 341: Foundations of Teaching, and ED 342: Foundations of Teaching School-Based Field Experiences or the equivalent transfer work to acquire an introduction to the teaching profession.

Does Fort Lewis College offer an alternative licensure program?

FLC offers an Alternative Certification program in Special Education. Admission to this program requires passing scores on the Praxis 5001 and 5354 and district approved employment in a special education setting. Alternative licensure is not offered for other content areas at this time.

When and where are classes held?

All classes in the first year are hybrid which requires a combination of in-person class attendance and online assignments and discussion. All classes in the second year are online.

Fall I Spring I Summer I Fall II Spring II
ED 611
2:30-3:55 p.m.
ED 621
4:05-5:30 p.m.
ED 600
TBA (Online)
ED 603
TBA (Online)
ED 680
TBA (Online)
ED 613
4:05-5:30 p.m.
ED 623
5:45-7:10 p.m.
  ED 619
TBA (Online)
ED 625
TBA (Online)
ED 620
5:45-7:10 p.m.
ED 615
ED 605

How many hours of student teaching are required?

Colorado requires a minimum of 800 hours of preparation in the schools to be eligible for a teaching license.

In the first semester of the program, you will complete 400 hours in ED 605: Student Teaching I. We anticipate that the hours will be 8:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M. four days per week over a 15-week semester in a middle or high school placement. One day per week there will be visitations to area schools.

In the second semester, you will complete 400 hours in ED 615: Student Teaching II. Typically you will be in the schools for five days a week, 6 hours per day, for 15 weeks. Student teaching will require a full-time commitment to teaching during the typical school day. In most schools that time period ranges between 7:30 A.M-4:00 P.M.

What schools and school districts does Fort Lewis College use for field experiences and student teaching?

We work closely with all the schools and school districts in the Four Corners region, including:

Are applicants interested in K-12 Art Licensure required to submit art portfolios?

We recommend that you compile your artwork for future job interviews, however, an artwork portfolio is not required for admission to the program.

What if I have submitted fingerprints and completed a recent background check for a Colorado School District?

Please contact the Colorado Department of Education to confirm that your fingerprints are on file. Call 303-866-6628 and state that you are calling to verify that your fingerprint/background check is on file with the CDE. They will ask for your social security number, birth date, and name. If your fingerprints are on file with CDE, you do not need to be fingerprinted again. Please let us know if this is the case and we will verify your records. Background checks will be completed each year of the program.

What are the Technology Requirements for the program?

You must have a personal laptop that meets the FLC technology requirements.

Can I work part or full-time during this program?

It would be challenging to balance work and family responsibilities during the first year of the program. Many of the courses will meet in the late afternoon and much of the field study and student teaching will be during the day. Expect significant homework on the weekends.  Perhaps some part-time employment can fit into this schedule, but it would mean many late nights spent studying and preparing for class or school experiences. Students often apply for a 3-year Substitute Teaching License while in the program to earn money and gain teaching experience.

Do graduate students qualify for the Native American Tuition Waiver?

Yes. Qualified Native American graduate students can receive a full-time tuition scholarship to attend Fort Lewis College. The Native American Tuition Waiver application and documentation are required to be submitted before the first day of the semester.