Master of Arts in Education: Teacher Licensure

Program & course descriptions

Program Description

The Master of Arts in Education: Teacher Licensure program will provide the courses and experiences necessary to apply for a Colorado teaching certificate after the first year of the program and have significant support in the second year of the program as you enter the profession and complete your graduate degree.

The first semester of the first year will include exposure to a variety of diverse field placements (e.g. middle school, high school, charter schools, Title I, culturally diverse schools in the Four Corners region). The second semester of the first year will be full-time in one school setting that best fits your career interests.

The second year of the program will focus on supporting candidates in their first year of full-time teaching and creating an Action Research Project.


Course description

ED 600 Introduction to Graduate Research in Education (3 credits) This course focuses on the major theories, frameworks, and methods of educational research, and will introduce participants to the characteristics of and various approaches to analyzing, evaluating, and designing qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods research and evaluation in the education field.

ED 603 Instructional Technology in Schools (3 credits) Students will be able to explore and use existing and emerging technology applications for student-centered instruction, multi-cultural learning, classroom management, assessment, professional development, and school and family communication.

ED 605 Student Teaching I (3 credits) This field-based practicum provides students with the opportunity to apply concepts being studied concurrently. Requires 400 hours of field practicum.

ED 611 Engaging Learning Environments I (3 credits) This course provides future teachers with an overview of discipline-specific classroom management techniques and exposure to assessments at the classroom, district, state, and national levels as related to improving instruction for all students.

ED 613 Content Methods (3 credits) This course will prepare candidates for Colorado teaching licenses to have the skills and knowledge to prepare, execute, and assess instructional lessons, units, and courses.

ED 615 Student Teaching II (3 credits) This field-based course is the second semester of a year-long student teaching experience. The course provides opportunity to student teach under a highly qualified cooperating teacher and be supported by a highly qualified college supervisor. Requires 400 hours of student teaching.

ED 619 Teacher Professional Growth I (3 credits) This course will support professional goal setting as aligned with the Colorado Evaluation Model for Teachers.

ED 620 Cultural Competency and Schools (3 credits) This course will focus on the knowledge and skills related to the cultural competency necessary to foster positive and productive relationships with students, families, community members, and organizations.

ED 621 Engaging Learning Environments II (3 credits) This course requires students to understand, design, and apply appropriate classroom management, intervention, and differentiation strategies for all students in public school classrooms. 

ED 623 Content Literacy (3 credits) Students will learn to apply teaching methods that emphasize integrating college and career readiness, content-area vocabulary, reading, writing, oral language, and numeracy.

ED 625 Teacher Professional Growth II (3 credits) The course will require research and investigation of the best practices in professional learning communities, facilitation, action planning, and change theory in educational settings.

ED 680 Capstone Project (3 credits) This culminating course for students in the MAE program will explore educational issues impacting instructional practices and/or school structures through an applied research project in field-based settings.