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Teach across cultures and languages

An education student works on a project with grade school children.

You want to create equitable and accessible learning opportunities for students of all linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Learn how to meet the needs of multilingual students and teach in culturally inclusive and responsive ways with this graduate program option.

This program meets all the requirements for the Colorado CLD Endorsement and meets the New Mexico TESOL when combined with 6 credits of language coursework.

Enrollment begins every Fall and Spring semester.

Culturally & Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Education program options

CLD Program options

Endorsement Pathway & Certificate

Earn a certificate as you complete the requirements for adding a CLD endorsement (TESOL in New Mexico*) to your existing teaching license. These courses are also included in the MAE program option.

21 credits


*TESOL in NM requires an additional 6 credits in one language other than English.

Master of Arts in Education

Earn a Master of Arts in Education with specialization in CLD education. Courses satisfy requirements for adding an endorsement to your existing teaching license.

30 credits

Program overview

You will work with faculty and professionals to understand theories, concepts, and research about language acquisition and development for emergent bilinguals.

  • Examine best practices for curricula and instruction that support literacy and language development.
  • Boost your knowledge of instructional strategies to support developing English language proficiency.

  • Learn how to include culture, diversity, and equity in environments for academic access and learning opportunities.
  • Apply data to support linguistically marginalized students, especially in content learning and language development.

  • Work in school-based field settings to apply language acquisition theory and instructional methods for language and content learning.
  • Collaborate with your faculty advisor on a research project exploring educational issues impacting instruction and school structures.

Program requirements

Minimum eligibility for Graduate Studies
Requirements to apply to the CLD program
Technology requirements

Career possibilities

The Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education program will:  

  • Augment your existing teaching license with a CLD endorsement in Colorado or a TESOL endorsement in New Mexico.
  • Teach you to be an effective educator in an organization that serves people of diverse backgrounds.
  • Prepare you to teach internationally.

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Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education